Fort Lauderdale

Father, Young Daughter Caught Stealing Package in Fort Lauderdale

A father and his child were caught in the act stealing a package from the front porch of a home in Fort Lauderdale.

Not only did the duo try to steal a package but to make it even worse, the little girl's father encouraged her to steal it in front of the home.

Surveillance video shows the father and toddler hanging out at a Fort Lauderdale bus stop when they seem to notice a package on the porch of a house nearby. The little girl appears on the porch looking at the package but then turns back empty handed.

The incident doesn't end there though. The father sends the girl back in again.

"The girl came back there by herself the first time, looked, left, came back again as if she knew what she was getting and then brought it out but turned around right away and dropped it off," said Michael Giganti, who lives at the home.

After his daughter's failed attempt, the sticky-fingered father comes back to finish the job. Giganti expected to find the package when he got home, even asking them about it.

"I asked them 'hey, did you see a package?' and he said 'no,'" Giganti said.

Giganti then checked out his home surveillance cameras and was surprised by what he saw.

"I came back inside and checked my video footage and I saw the little girl taking the package," he said.

After seeing the shocking video, he confronted them.

"I said 'hey, look I already saw the video, I have cameras up. I saw everything that happened. I'm gonna give you a second chance. I need my items back,'" he said.

The thieves then returned the items. What was inside? A $3 fork and a shovel for camping. Giganti said he's happy he got his items back but he's more concerned about the little girl being used to steal.

Since the man gave the package back, no one was charged with a crime.

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