FAU Grad Biking Across Japan For Charity

Fabio Barbieri will bike more than 2,000 miles to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami victims

Fresh off a graduate degree from FAU, a Lighthouse Point man is planning to bike across the entire country of Japan.

Fabio Barbieri, 25, is undertaking his more than 2,000-mile quest to raise money for people still hurting from the earthquake and tsunami struck the country in March.

"I got the idea of turning my vacation into a fundraiser as well, and you can't fundraise if you're just going to backpack," he said. "So I decided to basically cycle the entire length of the country."

Barbieri plans to start at the north end of Japan, where he will arrive Thursday evening, and then spend 51 days biking, camping, and volunteering in the places hardest hit.

He says he'll keep it up until he runs out of land. By then, it will be November and time to come home to Lighthouse Point.

Barbieri has spent the last three months riding his bike to train for the trip. He's also developed PedalForJapan.com to raise money for people who need it. Right now, he has $850.

"It keeps going up everyday," he said. "Hopefully I'll be able to reach $5,000 by the time I come back."

Barbieri will keep his website updated daily with pictures and even video from his helmet camera, so friends, family, and supporters can follow him on his trip. There is also a Facebook fan page dedicated to the trip.

"I won't change the world," he said, "but maybe I can help out a couple people and have at least a small impact."

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