Felony Charge Dropped for Girl Who Made Miami-Dade Schools Social Media Threat

A female student who posted a threat against three Miami-Dade schools on social media is no longer facing a felony charge.

The teen, who is a student at Varela High School, was in court Tuesday where she learned prosecutors were dropping a felony charge of making written threats to kill or do bodily harm.

She still faces a misdemeanor charge of interference with an educational institution.

"Honestly, I think this whole thing is something where the process has worked," said her attorney, Judd Aronowitz. "I don't blame anyone for being nervous about whatever it was that initially happened, and now investigation has gone on and we're down to a misdemeanor."

Police said the girl posted a gun with the caption "I hate people" on Snapchat and warned students at Varela, Ferguson and South Dade High not to go to school.

She has been suspended from school for ten days and could face more discipline there.

Aronowitz was asked if there's a lesson for other parents to learn.

"I don't know if there's a lesson for other parents to learn and I doubt there was anything at home that precipitated it," he said. "Sometimes foolish things happen."

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