FEMA Hiring Floridians to Assist in Hurricane Irma Recovery

FEMA is hiring Floridians with experience in numerous fields, such as civil engineering and cost analysis, to assist in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

The jobs are located in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tallahassee. Experience desired by FEMA includes floodplain management, cost analysis, civil engineering, site inspections, flood or casualty insurance and historic preservation.

Those interested in the position can search at the Employ Florida website using the keyword "Federal Emergency Management Agency."

"Those hired will join the recovery team already in place, which is composed of local and federal workers, voluntary agencies, and community organizations," FEMA said in a statement. "Through temporary local employees, FEMA gains valuable community insights, provides jobs, and allows Floridians to be on the front lines working to rebuild their community."

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