FEMA Makes Flooding Check Rounds Again

Inspectors Roam Across Broward

Inspectors with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the State Emergency Response Team scouted out more flooding trouble spots, but found most had dried up Friday morning.

Responders wanted to check Pompano Beach, even though they didn't have detailed reports, said state responder Warren Chadwick. "There are no addresses," he explained.

Instead, he followed dots on a map based on county reports, but by and large found minimal damage.

Pompano Beach resident Paul Stratton didn't even make a report about water that swamped his back room bar in his home.

"I got a wet-dry vac, I sucked it up and mopped the floor," said Stratton. "No big deal... aggravation mostly."

Chadwick said it's interior damage inspectors are looking for in homes and businesses.

"We're looking for not only flooding... looking if sewers backed up," said Chadwick, noting inspectors found that problem in Wilton Manors.

He said he doubted many will receive federal help because the damage he found was so limited.

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