Investigation Continues Into Fatal Wrong-Way Crash on I-95

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating what caused a driver to go the wrong way on I-95 and crash into an oncoming car, killing a young woman.

Witnesses said 22-year-old Franklin Chavez was driving a blue car without its lights on, the wrong way on I-95 early Sunday morning, striking another car head-on, with a family inside.

A close family friend of Chavez said she's shocked at the destruction police said he caused. He remains in critical condition.

"I think it was all a mistake that he might have gone onto I-95 the wrong way. I don't think there was any alcohol involved because he's never been like that," Becky Martinez said.

The impact instantly killed Carmen Criales. The young woman was driving to the airport to head to college orientation. She died on the scene.

"He come from the wrong side and he damaged my daughter, he killed my daughter. He's still alive," Criales' father said.

Her father was suppose to pick her up from the airport in New Jersey, "My daughter never come out. I go inside and ask what happened to my daughter. They said she never was in the plane."

Every year, 360 people are killed nationwide in wrong-way crashes. Florida is one of three states with more fatalities than anywhere else.

Criales' mother and brother were also inside the car when they were hit. At last check, both remain in critical condition. Sources told NBC 6 the victim's mother is talking, but her brother is not.

We checked into the driver's record. He has no previous run-ins with police, but he just received his driver's license eleven months ago.

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