Fiancée Fraudster Bilked Would-Be Brides

Scoundrel duped two South Florida women out of hundreds of thousands

A phony fiancé who duped two women out of nearly $400,000 is sitting in a Broward County jail, undone by his own tangled mess of women and fraud.

Paul Francois is charged with two counts of grand theft and another count of organized scheme to defraud after he left fiancée Rose Marie Anglade penniless and nearly homeless.

And he might have gotten away with it, had his other fiancée not called Anglade.

Anglade said she couldn't believe it when she received a call from the other woman claiming Francois had promised to marry her too.

"I said, 'Paul is my fiancee also, I live together with him.' She said 'Paul is supposed to marry me in October,'" Anglade said.

Suspicions were raised, and when Anglade began to look into her finances, she realized her bank account had been completely drained.

Francois had taken nearly $300,000 from her, and the Miramar house he'd told her to buy could no longer be supported.

"I have suffered, suffered, suffered," Anglade, 50, said. "He took all the money, not even money for food shopping."

Anglade said she has sold all her jewelry just to keep the water and lights on, and with her house in foreclosure, she expects to be evicted anyday.

Police say Francois, 55, did the same thing to his other fiancee, Sheila Brissault, swindling her out of over $100,000.

"He was preying on people that are defenseless, that believe he is the person that he portrays," said Anglade's lawyer, Joseph Pappacoda. "He's not, he's a sham, he's a shrill, he's a facade.  He's giving them somthing that they want to believe in but he's not that person, he's a thief."

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