“Fifty Shades Of Grey” Is Back On Brevard County Library Shelves

The decision to put the books back on library shelves was made over the weekend

The popular “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy was back on the shelves of Brevard libraries Tuesday after being pulled about a month ago, the county spokesman said.

“Obviously, public demand had a lot to do with it,” Don Walker, communications director for Brevard County, told NBC 6. “We said all along that we were going to review our policies on book selections ... We continue to be involved in that process.”

The decision to put the by E.L. James books back on shelves was by made county officials over the weekend.

Walker said the books were initially ordered based on popularity, but officials were prompted to take the books off the shelves after reading reviews of it.

“Our initial concerns were once we started seeing the reviews that it was pornographic in nature,” Walker said.

The county has 19 copies of the book and 17 libraries. When the books were first pulled, there was a waiting list of 200 people who wanted to check them out.

“There’s still a lot of popular demand for it,” he said. “This was merely a feeling-out process where we could determine whether that book was OK to put on the shelf.”

Officials are still reviewing the process by which books are selected, he said.

“We have a history of monitoring the types of material that goes in our library,” Walker said.

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