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Fight Over Sold-Out PlayStation 5 at Doral Walmart Ends With 3 in Jail

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Tensions were high between a family and a police officer outside of a Doral Walmart on Dec. 10. 

The debacle began inside the store moments after Valeria Aguilar and her relatives say they waited in line for the Sony Playstation 5 for more than eight hours.

“A guy from Walmart come to us and he said apparently there’s not 30 PS5’s, so people started to get mad,” Aguilar said.

An incident report provided by Doral Police says Juan Ramirez, a friend of Aguilar, became belligerent with Walmart employees when they announced only five consoles were left. 

Officer Pacheco escorted Ramirez out of the store and says Aguilar tried to block the officer while holding her 4-month-old baby. 

The report also says Aguilar punched the officer with a closed fist, causing the officer to fall to the ground.

The video provided by Aguilar shows part of the fight. Aguilar denies punching the officer. 

“She lost control of her body and fall on the floor,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar was arrested, as well as her father Fredie Aguilar and friend Juan Ramirez. In the incident report, it states Fredie Aguilar grabbed Pacheco by the collar of her uniform.

According to Valeria, her father is still in jail on an immigration hold. She says her mission now is to seek justice for her Dad. 

“My Dad never touched her face. My dad is innocent! Real innocent,” Aguilar said.

According to Doral Police, for the sake of transparency, the matter is under review. 

NBC 6 reached out to Walmart for comment, but we have not received a response. 

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