Brush Fire Causing Concern For Crews, Homeowners in Southwest Miami-Dade

What to Know

  • The fire began in the southern port of a mobile home community in Southwest Miami-Dade.
  • Fire crews believe arson is the cause of the fire.
  • Officials advise those with health issues to stay indoors.

Fire crews continue to battle flames after two brush fires spread in Southwest Miami-Dade, causing residents to worry if their home are in danger.

Officials said Monday night that Card Sound Road in the area was also shut down due to the flames.

“The fireman asked us to come out and knock on the doors and have everybody at least come outside and be ready just in case they couldn’t get it under control,” said Michael Marsili, a local resident.

“It looks like they are on top of it, but to make sure, I watered all the jungle as far as my hose would spray, behind my house and my neighbors house,” said Kevin McDonald, a local resident.

The Florida Forest Service says the fire began in the southern portion of the mobile home community. Officials believe it was caused by a person, but how is what they are investigating.

Officials on Monday said the 90 acre fire was about 65 percent contained.

“We know it would be human cause because there was no lightning. There are two types of fires: lightning and human cause. Now we have causes of arson, causes of recreational equipment and sometimes campfire,” said Scott Peterich of the Florida Forest Service.

About 12 Miami-Dade fire units have been in and out of this mobile home park throughout the day. They suggest residents with health issues stay indoors.

“If you have asthma or lung issues, stay inside. There’s a lot of smoke in the area and keep your eye on your backyard,” said Cpt. Rick Rojas of Miami-Dade Fire.

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