Fire Dept. Unveils Ground Zero Steel Beam

Miami-Dade Fire Department held a commemoration for 9/11 on Wednesday

Miami-Dade County now has a piece of history from Ground Zero.
On Wednesday, the Miami-Dade Fire Department unveiled a piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center.
As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, those who responded after the attacks say the display is a symbol of pride.
Firefighter Lt. Robert Maguire remembers it like it was yesterday.
"Seeing it on TV never really did it justice,” he said.
That's because Maguire was there working Ground Zero with 80 other first responders from Miami-Dade County.
"It made the image really concrete as we rolled in to see the residents of NY standing on the streets holding pictures of their loved ones. ‘Missing’ posters {saying} ‘help us find so and so’. It really hit home,” he said.
It’s why the 9/11 commemoration ceremony at the Miami-Dade Fire Department's headquarters on Wednesday also hit home.
The department took a moment to reflect on lives lost and praise those who went searching for victims. Firefighters also unveiled a steel beam from the World Trade Center collapse. It will be on permanent display there at the headquarters.
"This is no ordinary piece of metal. This steel has been anointed with the blood of heroes who became angels and saints 10 years ago,” said former fire chief Michael Opalka.
Doral city officials and the fire chief paused for prayer and encouraged guests to never forget the sacrifices made that day.
"It's a trigger. When we see it, it should trigger your memory to think back about what happened that day. Where you were and what has come. Our nation will never be the same,
but it's stronger,” said chief William Bryson.
Maguire was one of many people also being hailed heroes, responding at a time everyone joined in solidarity that makes us all Americans.
"It wasn't just about going there doing a job, it was a true sense of urgency the whole city of New York had,” Maguire said.
The fire department will receive another steel beam from Ground Zero. It will be placed at Fire Station Number 3, which is referred to as the "Heroes of Sept. 11" station.
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