Fired Drag Queen Gets Her Crown Back

Nurse axed for "lewd" arrest over 30 years ago can return to profession

South Florida drag queen Ray Fetcho is feeling like a king after he was given the OK to return to the nursing profession following his firing last month.

Fetcho, arrested in 1976 for a lewd act in a Dania Beach club where he was working under the name Tiny Tina, lost his nursing job last month at the Victoria Villa assisted living facility in Davie when his bosses discovered the arrest.

But last week, Fetcho was told the state Board of Nursing was going to allow him to be a nurse, despite the arrest, according to

Fetcho, who's spent over 30 years as a nurse, has already landed a new job at the Dayscape Adult Care Center in Coconut Creek.

"I'm not mad at my old employer or the state," Fetcho said. "I understand where they were coming from."

Fetcho's offense had been relatively minor. Hosting a "Wet Jockey Shorts" contest at the Copa, authorities felt Tiny Tina, had crossed the line.

He was fined $150 at the time.

After his dismissal in February, several people came to his defense, including his senior patients at Victoria Villa and the cop who arrested him for the wet shorts contest.

Fetcho said he couldn't believe the encouragement he received.

“I am humbled by the support and the response. And it’s nice to have another ’15 minutes’ of fame,” Fetcho told

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