Firefighters Battle Brush Fire in Palmetto Bay

Neighbors heard explosions before fire at Ludlam Pineland Preserve

Firefighters worked to contain a brush fire that heated up in Palmetto Bay early Tuesday.

The fire was reported at the Ludlam Pineland Preserve near the 6800 block of Southwest 152nd Street. The majority of the fire was out Tuesday morning, with some small patches still burning.

It's unknown how the fire began but some nearby residents reported hearing explosions shortly before it began.

"They were big explosions, you could hear that something had exploded and we didn't know what it was but we heard three large bangs," resident Charles Bauer said. "You could see flames in the woods and you could see smoke and a lot of soot coming down. You can see it off in the distance in the woods."

Bauer said the fire wasn't as bad as some others he's seen in the area.

"You could just see the flames going up and they were low, they weren't high, sometimes we've had forest fires in here where it goes up into the trees but they were low so it wasn't huge," he said.

No one was hurt and no homes had to be evacuated.

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