Firefighters Extinguish Fire Inside Little Havana Apartment Building

Miami Fire Rescue responded to a code one fire at an apartment building in Little Havana Sunday morning.

A teen says he, his mom and little brother were forced to evacuate when they saw smoke filling the hallways.

"You can't see anything it was all black with smoke," Carlos Moreno said.

Miami Fire Rescue responded just in time to the building located on 20th Avenue and West Flagler at around 4:25 a.m. Rescue crews aided some elderly residents and one person who was reported trapped on a balcony.

"We see that several people evacuated but other people in the floors above were elderly people and unable to get out quickly," Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll said.

Daisy Garcia says firefighters saved her life when they entered her room and alerted her of the flames.

Garcia says while inside her apartment she didn't noticed the fire, but once in the halls she saw no clear way to get down if it hadn't been for the fire fighters.

Miami Fire Rescue officials say no one was injured but several people are now displaced from their homes.

"And when we were downstairs the fire got expanded and the window broke," Moreno said.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire and some residents received aid from Red Cross.

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