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Fireworks Thrown at Group of People in Boca Raton Playing “Pokemon Go” Game

What to Know

  • A group of people in Boca Raton were unhurt after fireworks were thrown at them while playing the popular game.

Authorities say someone threw fireworks at a man and his friends while they were playing "Pokemon Go.''

Boca Raton police wrote on their official Facebook page that someone inside an SUV tossed fireworks at the group of Pokemon players outside a U.S. Post Office earlier this week and then sped off. No one was injured.

It is unclear whether the group was targeted because they were playing the popular smartphone game, which encourages users to walk to local landmarks while searching for virtual Pokemon.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports police determined there wasn't enough evidence to conclude that a crime had been committed. They instead called it a suspicious incident.

Police Chief Dan Alexander on Sunday had warned the public about being aware of their surroundings while playing the game.

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