First Alert Doppler 6000 Provides New Tools for Hurricane Season

We're just days away from the start of hurricane season and we're helping you prepare for the storms and track any and all systems moving our way.

Hurricane season starts on Thursday, and the First Alert Weather team is helping you get ready and stay safe. Preparation and information are key and nobody can keep you better informed this year than NBC 6 thanks to exclusive, cutting-edge technology that towers above us.

While it may look like a big golf ball in the sky, but don’t be fooled-- our First Alert Doppler 6000 is the most powerful radar in South Florida and it specializes in analyzing any and all storms that threaten our area.

“This radar will allow me to see the entire hurricane as opposed to just the front edge of a hurricane as it’s approaching South Florida,” said meteorologist John Morales.

We like to call it cutting thru the storm. The power of our doppler can send a signal through the entire length of storms up to 300 miles out, so we can forecast what to expect on all ends of a hurricane or tropical storm.

“From a meteorological point of view, it allows for greater analysis, a better way of understanding the threat and being able to convey that to the public," Morales explained. "Having that added value is just going to help me communicate to the people what that threat is.”

We can communicate that information faster than anyone else can because of that power and because it’s located right here in our Miramar studios.

“The best part of our own live doppler radar, First Alert Doppler 6000-- it’s live! There is no waiting," said meteorologist Ryan Phillips. "Our viewers can take confidence in knowing every time that arm sweeps across the skies of South Florida that is new, immediate information, whether that is wind gusts, rain rate, the turning of the storm, all that information at my fingertips instantaneously,”

You can download our app from your app store now so if South Florida is threatened you can remain prepared for whatever heads our way.

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