First Vegan Food Hall VShops Opens New Concept

The food hall is evolving and here is all you need to know about all these vegan concepts:

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The VShops Food Hall / Facebook
The VShops Food Hall / Facebook
Choices Cafe is based on a non-GMO diet, featuring a wide variety of organic dishes including gluten-free pancakes, organic acai bowls, burgers, organic beers and much more. The shop also satisfies your sweet tooth with their vegan desserts. The concept was started by Alex Cuevas and his brother after experiencing limited vegan food while on a business trip to Miami.
The VShops Food Hall / Facebook
Neo’s Blender was named after the founder’s first son Neo who was nurtured on plant-based smoothies. The vision was to provide organic fruits, veggies, dairy-free milk and healthy smoothies for children and parents.. Other items that can be found on the menu are carrot cake, berry, and omega shakes. The venue also has a great selection of thick organic acai bowls.
The VShops Food Hall / Facebook
Next Generation Pizza founded by Lori Zito continues a tradition passed down through generations of preparing Italian food, especially pizza. The concept was an add-on to VShops in 2017. To check out the menu visit here.
The VShops Food Hall / Facebook
Ice Dream Parlor is the latest concept opened at VShops. The concept will offer sundaes, shakes, maca malts. Floats, and scoops are all dairy-free. The parlor will also have organic candies and chocolates and will be opening its doors to all vegan lovers.
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