First Presidential Debate: Barry University Voters Liked What They Heard From Mitt Romney, Barack Obama

Young voters packed a room for a watch party hosted by College Democrats and Republicans

Barry University’s College Democrats and Republicans came together Wednesday night – to jointly host a watch party for the first presidential debate.

Young voters packed a room at the university to listen to President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, discuss taxes, the economy and their visions for the country.

“They’re talking about topics that have to do with my parents, that have to do with me, my sister,” Obama supporter Feren Richardson said.

Republican students had expectations for Romney – and they say he stepped up and met them.

“Although Obama’s making his points about education and is trying to appeal to young voters, Romney’s still bringing up, well look, you promised all of this, you promised that less people were going to be on food stamps, you said more jobs were going to be created, but look at the mess we’re in,” Romney supporter Laura Loomer said.

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Geronimo Guevara, who also backs Romney, said he didn’t want to hear the same speech Wednesday.

“We want to hear something different – new ideas to keep moving the country forward, and I think Mitt Romney’s bringing just that to this debate tonight,” Guevara said.

Both candidates emphasized the importance of investing in education. Obama supporters said they liked what they heard from their candidate.

“I feel that Barack Obama is providing transparency to things that people might not necessarily know about,” Henley Johnson said. “They’ve heard of the Affordable health Care Act, but they don’t know how much it’s saved them. They’ve heard of him saving Pell grants, but they don’t know to what degree.”

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