South Florida

Lightning Strike Hits South Florida Fishing Boat, Rod Deteriorates

If you ever wondered what a fishing rod looks like after it’s been struck by a bolt of lightning, Billy Alstrom has an answer.

Alstrom was out catching bait in Jupiter on Saturday when his fishing rod was blasted by a lightning strike, according to a Facebook post. Photos of the damaged piece of equipment show the rod covered in a dark, wispy material that resembles black cotton candy.

Alstrom, who was with a group of friends at the time, said he and his friends are fortunate to be alive after the incident.

“I definitely have a new found respect for Mother Nature,” Alstrom wrote. “Being stuck in the middle of a lightning storm with no power to anything after being struck was the most helpless feeling in the world!”

Alstrom’s post has accumulated more than 13,000 shares so far. While Alstrom and his friends are okay, his vessel is a different story.

“I think my boat is going to be out of commission for a while,” he wrote.

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