FIU Suspends All Greek Life Activities Starting in January

Florida International University announced Friday afternoon that they have suspended all Greek activities.

According to a statement released by Mark Rosenberg, FIU's president, they have decided to suspend all Greek activities for at least one month starting January 1, 2018.

In a statement, the university cites “growing concerns about the state of fraternity and sorority life at FIU as well as around the nation,” for suspending the activities.

The university will announce more details of the suspension to the members of Greek councils, chapter members, advisors and interested alumni.

All activities are suspended, with the exception of chapter and council meetings and educational workshops that are held with the purpose of improving Greek life at FIU and discussing next steps, the university said.

“I appreciate the work done thus far by Greek leaders who understand that the current state is not acceptable,” said Rosenberg.

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