Flaming Teens to Face Adult Charges

Two boys will be released from the juvenile detention center for now

Just days before five teens were set to be released after savagely setting a classmate on fire, Broward prosecutors have decided to try three of the suspects as adults.

Matthew Bent and Denver Jarvis, both 15, and 16-year-old Jesus Mendez will face stiff prison sentences if convicted of second-degree murder for their orchestrated attack on 15-year-old Michael Brewer last month. Each could receive 15 years in prison.

Two other boys, Jarvis' younger brother, 13-year old Jeremy and 16-year-old Steven Shelton will be released from the juvenile detention center after the state declined to press charges.

Prosecutors had until Nov. 12 to charge the teens with adult charges or risk setting them free.

Brewer, who suffered severe burns over more than half of his body, recently survived a medical scare that had some wondering if he would survive his ordeal. The brutal attack has made national headlines.

Police believe Bent was the mastermind behind the attack. Bent and Brewer allegedly got into a disagreement over payment of a video game and things escalated when Bent tried to steal Brewer's dad bike. Brewer told the cops and a few days later, Bent was back for revenge.

Cops said Bent had the other boys douse Brewer with rubbing alcohol. Mendez then lit the match that ignited Brewer, sending the screaming teen running into a nearby apartment's pool to put out the flames.

Last week, the Jarvis brothers' mother apologized publicly about what happened. And then a couple of days later, Brewer's sister found two burned dolls in the family pool.

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