Miami International Airport

Flight to MIA Experiences Mechanical Issues Minutes Before Landing

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Passengers on a flight headed for Miami had a scare in the air Thursday when the plane had mechanical issues minutes before it was supposed to land.

Passengers on American Airlines flight 2295 from St. Lucia say their captain let them know there was a mechanical issue minutes before landing.

The pilot announced there was a system failure, and when they land, they wouldn’t be able to reach the gate and they’d need a tow.

Passengers say everyone was calm — and when they touched down, more than a dozen fire trucks and emergency vehicles surrounded the aircraft.

Passenger Gail Amart says they couldn’t tell from inside the plane if there was any smoke coming from the engine.

"We couldn’t see the part on the outside, but I think they were prepared for that because there were so many fire trucks," Smart said.

The FAA confirmed the mechanical issues with the Boeing 737-800 and said the agency will investigate.

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