Floating Homes Pitched by European Developers

A European developer’s plan to build 29 multi-million dollar homes on their own islands just off North Miami Beach isn’t sitting well with some of the people in the neighborhood just off Biscayne Blvd.

The plan, from Dutch Docklands, envisions two story luxury homes that come with two boat slips, a private beach, self-sustaining water, sewage, and electricity. The homes would be built in a lake, named Maul Lake, just off Biscayne near 163rd Street.

“This is the first project of its kind in the Western Hemisphere,” said Carlos Gimenez, Esq. of Dutch Docklands. “We have submitted a letter of intent and requested a zoning change for the site that has to be done.”

The building department in North Miami Beach is examining the plans submitted by Dutch Docklands. But residents in the area said they just found out about the entire plan.

“Well, I was shocked,” said Maria Novielli of North Miami Beach. “I know things change, but this has been a sanctuary – and a sanctuary for birds manatees, and dolphins.”

The developers counter that the 29 homes to be built on floating foundations would ultimately help the marine life because the foundations would turn into coral reefs.

“As far as the environmental concerns, Dutch Docklands is committed to working together with the environment,” Gimenez said. “That’s why the technology was developed and it’s very unique.”

The private islands would have a tender to take them to their homes. According to the developers, the homes would produce roughly $3 million a year in tax revenue. Dutch Docklands said it would like to meet with people who are opposed to the concept.

If the company gets the necessary approvals, 2016 is the target date for the fancy homes to be built.

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