Florida AG Recognizes Crime Stoppers for **TIPS Line

Florida’s top law enforcement officer is recognizing the state’s Crime Stoppers organization for being a model for the rest of the country. 

Attorney General Ashley Moody presented a Back the Blue Award to the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers Wednesday at the South Florida PBA headquarters building in Doral. 

“For almost 45 years, Florida Crime Stoppers has given Floridians the power to report local crimes safely and anonymously to help law enforcement stop criminals," Moody said in a news release. "With the creation of **TIPS, crime reporting is easier and more convenient for citizens who now only need to remember one simple phone number nationwide."

The **TIPS program consolidated 27 regional Crime Stoppers phone numbers into one. The **TIPS line now automatically reroutes the calls to the appropriate regional Crime Stoppers office. 

Moody emphasized the importance of anonymous tips when it comes to solving crimes.

"Tell your friends, tell your family members, if you help us solve cases, you will be rewarded, but the greatest reward is what it will do for the safety and strength of your own community," Moody said.

Moody said the TIPS program was recently adopted nationwide. Anyone from anywhere in the country can report crime tips anonymously by dialing **TIPS on a cellphone.

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