Florida Blue Payment Glitch Wipes Out Some Customers' Accounts

Some customers of Florida Blue had their accounts wiped out after a payment glitch over the weekend.

The health insurance company was working to resolving the payment processing issue that resulted in some members' accounts being drafted multiple times for their May invoice. The payments were processed by a third-party vendor.

Florida Blue is telling affected customers to call the number on the back of their membership cards or visit one of the Florida Blue centers for in-person assistance. 

Audrey Rohlehr of Miami Lakes told NBC 6 her account was overdrawn by $32,000 Monday morning.

"I first called my bank when I noticed my payment was processed multiple times," Rohlehr said.

She said her bank filed a claim and she contacted Florida Blue.

"They submitted my payment of $778.97 to my bank approximately 44 times so far today," Rohlehr said. On the health insurance company's Facebook page, multiple people complained about their accounts being debited thousands of dollars. One user said her account was -$50,000.

Florida Blue apologized for the inconvenience and said it will identify all overpayments and refund them properly.

Rohlehr said due to the glitch, she's unable to use her card.

"If I needed food, I can't use the account," Rohlehr said. She is worried that many Florida Blue customers are unaware about the overpayments and may not realize they are unable to access to their accounts.

Florida Blue said it has stopped taking electronic fund transfer payments for the time being and has delayed ongoing automatic payments for the month of May.

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