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Florida Congresman Wants Federal Funding Withheld From Colleges With Safe Zones For LGBTQ Students

A member of Florida’s Congressional delegation believes that policies in place at several universities designed to protect LGBTQ students from harassment undermines the Constitution – and he may want to take away federal funding because of it.

Rep. Francis Rooney, a first-term Republican from Southwest Florida, made his comments during a lunch speech Wednesday in Naples about “safe zones” in place on some campus to protect students from hateful and harassing speech.

"If we pay for colleges to do this, we are paying for institutions to undermine the Constitution. And I think that's a serious problem," Rooney said, according to the Fort Myers News Press.

Rooney went on to say he would propose withholding money from schools that have such zones and has come out in support of a U.S. House resolution that supporters say would protect free speech on campus and opposes the areas.

The longtime GOP fundraiser has strong ties already within the party, including being a neighbor and longtime supporter of Florida Gov. Rick Scott as well as recently being part of a dinner meeting at the White House that included President Donald Trump and leaders from the NSA and CIA.

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