Florida Crocodile Spotted Lounging…On A Pool Noodle?

What to Know

  • Victor Perez snapped the photo of the crocodile lounging on a yellow pool noodle on August 6.
  • The unusual sight caught the attention of the National Weather Service in Key West, which shared the photo on Twitter.
  • The croc was spotted in Key Largo in the area of mile marker 105.5.

One Florida crocodile used its noodle while lounging in a Key Largo canal on August 6.

Instead of thrashing about the water to stay afloat, the reptile found a yellow pool noodle to relax on.

Victor Perez caught the only-in-Florida moment on camera, posting the photo on his Instagram page.

“Crock on a float,” he wrote in the caption.

The National Weather Service in Key West commended the croc’s adherence to safety.

“Yes. Yes, that is a crocodile on a noodle,” the organization tweeted. “Even they know to #PlayItSafe when heading into the water!”

Perez said he spotted the crocodile in mile marker 105.5.

We probably won’t see another sight like this for a while…crocodile.

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