South Florida

Florida Department of Health Still Working on Medical Marijuana Rules

While the majority of Floridians voted to pass Amendment 2 many may be surprised to learn that you can't consume medical marijuana in just any form, and in fact smoking it even for medical reasons is still illegal.

There is a lot of confusion around Amendment 2 and that's because the Florida Department of Health still has six months to announce the rules surrounding the law. So until then we are in a kind of gray area where previous laws rule.

The department of health released a detailed report Wednesday about where the law stand now. It pointed out that officials have only begun the rule-making process.

The deadline to declare the rules is July 3, so until then the state has prohibited smoking medical marijuana, it cannot be home-grown, and it cannot be sent through the mail.

So far five dispensaries are approved to grow, process and sell medical marijuana in the state, with only one in South Florida.

Some Amendment 2 supporters are concerned that there are only five dispensaries. They worry it won't be enough to handle the demand to receive medical marijuana.

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