Florida Firm Wants to Build a $10 Billion Floating City

Freedom Ship is expected to be 25 stories high and one mile long and would would circle the globe once every two years.

A Florida-based company recently decided to resume plans in building a $10 billion floating city, which would be home to a community of at least 25,000 people.

Freedom Ship is in its beginning stages, but the firm said that if they get enough interest and capital they will build a 25 stories high and one mile long ship.

“We’ve just come out of the box and want to feel the response and interest,” said Roger Gooch, a project director.

The idea of a floating city began more than 20 years ago, Gooch said. But with the economic recession in the U.S. the group put the project on hold. The lead architect in the project died this year and members of the original team decided it would be a good time to bring the project back and honor the memory of the architect.

“That inspired members of the old team,” Gooch said. “We want to see if there is an interest to bring his vision to reality, bringing it back to the interest.”

The ship is expected to have residential space, a school, a mall, hospital and an airport in the ship’s deck. The ship would circle the globe once every two years.

“It’s a land-based community on a waterborne platform,” Gooch said. “It will be for vacation, seasonal living, businesses, to go to school-- everything that’s offered on a land-based community.”

The project does not have a launch date and it is dependent on interest and capital of investors.

Gooch said that since they decided to launch the idea again, less than a week ago, he has received immense response locally and internationally.

“All the amenities that people find in a small community it will be on this ship,” Gooch said.

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