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Florida Health Official Says Patients are Missing Calls to Schedule Second Vaccine Dose

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Florida health officials confirmed that those who were turned away from Hard Rock Stadium when they went to receive their second coronavirus vaccine dose on Friday may come back to get the shot.

At a press conference Sunday in Miami Gardens, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Health explained that officials had been having difficulties with people not answering their phone to schedule the second dose appointment.

"It's a 786 area code for the Hard Rock Stadium site," said Public Information Officer Mike Jachles. "It may come up as spam risk, it may come up as something else depending on how your phone is set up."

Jachles assured that three attempts are made to reach the patient, and a voicemail is left with instructions for what to do if the call is missed.

"People will fall through the cracks, and we acknowledge that," Jachles said.

Another major factor causing delays, the spokesperson said, is people showing up hours before their scheduled appointment. Patients should arrive no more than thirty minutes ahead of their time slot, Jachles said.

And if you were turned away for a second dose, but your issued CDC card says your assigned site is the Hard Rock, you are permitted to go back as long as it has been 21 days since you received your first shot. Make sure to bring your CDC vaccination card and a valid ID.

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