Florida Highways Ranked Most Dangerous in US

Driving in Florida may already be a traumatic experience, but a new survey is showing that highways in the Sunshine State are among the most dangerous in the United States.

A new survey from EverQuote analyzed interstate fatalities from the last six years and found that three highways in Florida – I-4, I-95 and I-10 – have the highest rates for fatalities in the nation.

Interstate 4, which connects Daytona Beach to Tampa, topped the list as the most dangerous in the US. I-95 was ranked fifth, which runs 1,926 miles from Miami to Houlton, Maine.

Rounding out Florida’s presence on the list is I-10. The 2,460-mile highway runs from Jacksonville to Santa Monica, California, and landed in seventh place on the list.

All three highways have scored spots in the top 10 list for the past six years.

The survey also found that Floridian drivers rank second worst for phone use while driving in the nation.

Distracted driving in Florida is only a secondary offense so drivers cannot be stopped by law enforcement unless another violation is committed.

Learn more about safety outreach campaigns, safe driving tips and more from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles here

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