Florida House Subcommittee Hearing Plan to End Refugee Resettlement Program

The start of potentially big changes in Florida’s refugee resettlement program begins today in Tallahassee.

Today, the House Children, Families and Seniors subcommittee will take the state's first steps to end that program here. Even before President Trump's executive order on immigration, some Florida lawmakers kept busy on a plan of their own.

One of the biggest supporters of the potential change is House Speaker Richard Corcoran - a vocal supporter of Trump's order to stop immigrants from seven mostly Muslim countries. That order is on hold because of a federal court ruling.

Corcoran is also asked for more information on refugees headed to the state, saying he is worried about potential terrorist threats.

According to The Cato Institute, between 1975 and 2015 only 20 refugees were involved in terrorism or planning attacks - and none of those attacks played out in Florida or were planned in the state.

Even if the bill got fully approved, it would not do much to change things. Federal aid would just stop going through the state first and instead go straight to agencies helping those refugees.

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