Florida Keys Man Charged With Attempting to Defraud Company of Millions

A Florida Keys man is still behind bars, weeks after being arrested for an alleged scheme to defraud a tech company in Tennessee out of nearly $3 million in computer equipment and other technology.

Deputies in Monroe County said Cole Peacock, a resident of Plantation Key, contacted a company in Tennessee and worked out a deal with the CEO of a company there regarding the purchase of computer technology. Peacock told the victim he had board members and investors.

Peacock told the victim he was the CEO of a fake company called Data Point Systems, with locations in Miami and the Florida Keys. The two men spoke in November, with the victim sending over $120,000 worth of items to the Miami address the following month.

After receiving the items, Peacock cut off contact with the CEO. The victim then called deputies in January, who enlisted help from the Department of Homeland Security and found that Peacock had rented a storage locker at the address and picked up multiple items there.

A warrant was issued and Peacock was arrested on May 17, as he was on probation for a 2013 arrest relating to computer fraud that forbid him from having contact with computer businesses. He is still in jail on a $100,000 bond for two felony charges, including grand theft and fraud.

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