Florida Keys Woman Arrested After Filing False Police Report Claiming Attack by “Man in Turban”

A Marathon woman is behind bars after filing a false police report, claiming she was attacked by a man in a turban and told to take a so-called "kill pill."

Kristin Skivers, 30, told deputies a man entered her boyfriend’s home, where they both were sleeping, before 11 p.m. Sunday. She described the man has having “dark hair, a full beard and a turban."

Skivers claimed the man gave her the medication before her boyfriend allegedly chased him away, saying she eventually went to a neighbor’s house asking to be taken to the hospital.

When police interviewed the boyfriend, he said that Skivers asked to be taken to the hospital and, when he said no, she left the home. He denied that anyone entered the home or attacked Skivers, saying she takes unidentified medication.

Skivers was arrested after signing the false report.

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