Florida Kid Finds Nose Candy in His Candy

14-year-old finds cocaine in a Skittles box

A candy sugar-rush will make any kid hyper, but a Northeast Florida teen would have been flying high with the stuff he found inside a box of Skittles at his local CVS.

Corby Cowart went on a candy run to a Middleburg CVS on Wednesday and found a small bag of cocaine nestled between bags of candy in a box of Skittles.

"I was surprised because it was right up there at the front," the 14-year-old told firstcoastnews.com.

Cowart said he knew what the bag was from watching the show "Cops," and he quickly turned it over to police. The police tested the coke, and sure enough, it was the super snow.

"If a small kid would have got a hold of it, he'd have been dead," said dad Danny Cowart. "I went back to CVS to talk to the manager...he thought it was a laughing joking matter, he didn't think it was serious."

Police are looking at surveilance footage to determine who put the happy dust in the candy box, and CVS said they are cooperating with the investigation.

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