Lee County

Florida Man Tried to Steal Beer From Restaurant, Hid Under Bed to Avoid Arrest: Deputies

Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrest 33-year-old Lance Lindquist and charged him with several counts


Deputies say they captured a man who allegedly tried to steal beer from a Southwest Florida restaurant and hid under his bed to avoid being captured.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 33-year-old Lance Lindquist and charged him with several counts, including battery and resisting arrest.

According to NBC affiliate WBBH-TV, Lindquist allegedly went into the Fort Myers Beach restaurant and stole the beer from a cooler before getting into a fight with an employee.

“I blocked him a couple of times and I lost grip of the bottle,” said Terry Bunce, who told the station he was cut on the head when Lindquist allegedly hit him. “Then, I’m holding the hand that was free and we are kind of wrestling around, going up against everything.”

Witnesses were able to get the beer back before Lindquist escaped and ran to his home next door, hiding under his bed before deputies came in and arrested him.

“Dude has no respect,” said Bunce. "...All he does is wait for everybody to go to sleep and steal stuff. He’s a piece of crap the way he is right now.”

Deputies say they had to pepper spray Lindquist while in their patrol car because he was banging his head against the cage.

Lindquist has been arrested six previous times in Lee County.

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