Florida Man Used Device to Cover License Plate at Tolls: FHP

A Florida man is facing charges after authorities say he used a device to cover his license plate every time he drove through a toll.

Joshua Concepcion West, 27, is accused of petit theft and cheating or gross fraud, according to WESH.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested West after a trooper spotted him using the device at a toll plaza near Orlando. West pushed a button and a screen lowered over his license plate as he went through the toll, authorities said.

"Kind of James Bond-like, where this device is activated remotely," FHP Sgt. Kim Montes said. "This is clearly someone who is trying to avoid paying a toll. We want people to know, if we catch you, you're going to be charged."

Montes said West is now charged with a felony for not paying the $1.25 toll. She said there's several gadgets people can buy online to make plates harder to see at toll booths.

"It's not worth it. Pay the toll or don't use the road," Montes said.

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