Fla. Medical Association Asks Gov. to Rescind Order Prohibiting Nonemergency Procedures

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The Florida Medical Association has called on Gov. Ron DeSantis to rescind an executive order that prohibited hospitals and surgery centers from performing nonemergency elective procedures.

The order was issued on March 20 as part of an effort to conserve medical supplies and protective equipment.

“While the state has understandably focused on the immediate needs of fighting COVID-19, it is imperative that we not ignore a potential second crisis: a wave of emergencies and fatalities among the people delaying care or going untreated. Many of the physician practices that would deal with this pent-up demand have seen their revenues plunge and face imminent closure,” said association President Ronald Giffler in a letter to the governor.

The letter asked that the order be lifted in the regions of Florida with low and stable incidence of COVID-19.

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