Florida Mom Drove Car With Son on Hood: Police

A Florida mom who drove her car with her 13-year-old son on the hood is facing a child abuse charge after he was hospitalized after falling off the car.

Bridget Garcia, 32, was arrested Monday night by Port St. Lucie Police. She was being held on $500 bond Tuesday and it was unknown if she has an attorney.

Police said Garcia's son became upset after she took his phone away and was going to leave him home alone. After a brief altercation, Garcia put her three other kids in her car and was backing out of her driveway when the teen jumped on the hood, police said.

Garcia backed up about 200 feet, then put the car in drive and went another 200 feet before she stopped the car and her son fell off, police said. Garcia realized he was injured and called 911, police said.

The son was hospitalized with hip, knee and foot injuries. None of the other children were injured.

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