Florida Mom Fighting for Stolen Phone Filled With Photos of Child

A North Florida mother is making a public plea on social media to get back a stolen cell phone, which contains memories of her young daughter who died from cancer.

Heather Williams of Jacksonville said a woman claims she has the phone, but wants money in return for the phone.

Williams created a Facebook page in memory of her late daughter Aaliyah. The little girl lost her battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma in 2015 at the age of 10. The lost phone is filled with “irreplaceable” photos of Aaliyah, Williams wrote on Facebook.

The heartbroken mother told Jacksonville NBC affiliate First Coast News that the woman wants $100 dollars for the phone. The woman told Williams she paid someone $100 for the phone and will return it if she gets her money back.

Williams has filed a police report and continues to ask followers to share her story in order to pressure the mystery woman into giving up the phone and photos.

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