Florida Pol Bickers Over B-Ball

Corrine Brown talks trash with California's Waters over Magic-Lakers

She may not be able to pronounce words properly but at least Rep. Corrine Brown can trash talk. 

We already knew the language-challenged Florida pol was a huge Gators fan, but now we know how strong her love is for the Magic after she locked heads with California Rep. Maxine Waters in a video posed on YouTube.

The video starts on an uncomfortable note with Waters refusing to shake Brown's extended hand as Brown begins to commend the Lakers.

Corine Brown Shows Magic Pride

Sporting a Dwight Howard Jersey to Waters' Kobe Bryant jersey, Brown lauds Orlando's complete team as Waters describes the greatness of Kobe.

"We got a team, we're bringing a team, not one person," Brown says. "We have a whole team, you just got one player."

"It's gonna take some Magic for you guys to even come close to us," Waters says. "I feel sorry for you, you have my condolences."

The video, made before the series started, had both pols, who are friends, confident of their team's abilities. But the Magic are in an 0-2 hole after dropping the first two games in L.A.

"We gonna show you what it's all about. One team, one fight. Both teams are great but in the end it'll be the Magic," Brown said.

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