Zombie Amendment Along With Entire Concealed Guns Changes Die In Senate

If the zombie apocalypse ever happens in Florida, one South Florida senator wants to be ready

A National Rifle Association-backed bill to allow people who lawfully owned guns to conceal them during a mandatory evacuation or local emergency died in the Florida Senate Thursday. It was the second-straight day the bill had been killed.

The bill was passed last month by the Florida House, but was opposed by the Florida Sheriff’s Association. The FSA helped get an amendment on the bill that would see the concealed weapons exception limited to 24 hours or when the evacuee reached their destination.

According to the Miami Herald, once the amendment was passed, the original bill was pulled by its sponsor, Jeff Brandes. The St. Petersburg legislator said the amendment defeated the whole purpose of the bill, according to the Herald.

At least one Democrat, Senator Dwight Bullard, had some fun with the bill, which he opposed. He tried to add an amendment that would have included in the emergencies where the concealed exception was allowed a “zombie apocalypse.”

Senator Bullard’s amendment wasn’t heard because Brandes pulled the bill before the zombie amendment was heard, according to the Herald.

Earlier Thursday, Bullard responded to questions about his amendment with Twitter users.

"My issue is with the bill. The bill gives people the right to carry guns in emergencies. Crisis + Guns= A lot of death," Bullard tweeted.

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