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Florida Vaccine Updates: Nicklaus Children's Hospital Offers Doses, DeSantis Announces Arrival of J&J Vaccine

Here's what we know today about the coronavirus outbreak in Florida, and the effort to stop it

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As a limited supply of the coronavirus vaccine has become available across Florida, residents are understandably anxious to know when they will be able to stand in line for a dose.

One of the area's largest health providers will be lowering the age requirements and adding new people eligible to get their doses - while the Biden administration says all adults could be able to be vaccinated earlier than expected.

Here's what we know today about the coronavirus outbreak in Florida, and the effort to stop it.

Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami Offers COVID Vaccine to At-Risk Kids, Young Adults

Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami is offering COVID-19 vaccines to children and young adults with certain medical conditions.

The vaccines are available to people 16 to 21 who are under the care of physicians or specialists for medical conditions identified by the Centers for Disease Control as posing an increased risk for severe illness associated with COVID-19, the hospital said Friday.

For Maria Milagros Chasin's parents, getting her protected with a vaccine has been nearly miraculous. Her name means "miracle" -- and with severe cerebral palsy, she is extremely susceptible to COVID-19.

State Health Department Releases Eligibility Form For ‘Extremely Vulnerable' COVID-19 Patients

The Florida Department of Health recently announced that adults under the age of 65 are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine if they are deemed "extremely vulnerable" by their doctor or physician.

If you are under 65 and have an underlying medical condition that puts you "at-risk" of contracting COVID-19, you are required to present the following form at your vaccination appointment. A doctor's note alone will not suffice.

See the eligibility form below, or click here to access.

First Doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Arrive in Florida: DeSantis

The first doses of the new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 have arrived in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

Speaking at a news conference in Ocala Friday, DeSantis said the first shipment of the J&J vaccine arrived late Thursday night.

DeSantis said about 60,000 doses arrived, out of a total expected shipment of 175,000 initial doses.

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