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Florida Vaccine Updates: Pfizer Doses Returning to MDC Site, Case Rise Less Alarming of Late

Here's what we know today about the coronavirus outbreak in Florida, and the effort to stop it

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As a supply of the coronavirus vaccine becomes available across Florida, residents are understandably anxious to know when they will be able to get vaccinated.

A return of the Pfizer vaccine for first dose use will take place at several sites across the state - while the case rise in Florida has been a lot less alarming of late than past surges, according to experts.

Here's what we know today about the coronavirus outbreak in Florida, and the effort to stop it.

Pfizer First Doses Returning to FEMA Sites, Including Miami Dade College

The decision came after the FDA and CDC ordered a pause on the Johnson & Johnson one dose shot earlier this week due to rare complications.

The site at the school's North campus was scheduled to close in May, which was why they moved to J&J only last week. It is unknown if they plan to extend operations for those needing a second dose of Pfizer in the coming weeks.

Broward Department of Health Vaccine Sites Not Requiring Appointments

All Broward County Department of Health COVID-19 vaccine sites are no longer requiring appointments starting Saturday.

The appointment requirement has been dropped until further notice, and anyone who already has an appointment can either keep it or go to any of the Broward sites at any time during operating hours, the department of health said.

The department of health is administering the Pfizer vaccine at a number of locations throughout the county, at drive-through and walk-up sites.

COVID-19 Case Rise in Florida Slower and Less Alarming Than Past Surges

Vaccines are working in Florida, but a Florida International University epidemiologist tells NBC 6 South Florida is not yet at the end of the road when it comes to COVID-19.

The nation’s COVID response leaders Friday said they were concerned that 70,000 new cases a day, on average, have been identified nationwide over the week ending Wednesday. That was an 8% increase over the seven-day average from a week earlier.

But over that same time period, the NBC 6 Investigators found, Florida's week-over-week increase was nearly twice as high - 15%. For more, click here for the story from NBC 6 investigator Tony Pipitone.

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