Florida Woman Pulls Small Gator Out of Yoga Pants During Traffic Stop

Deputies also found over 40 small, three-striped turtles in a backpack at her feet

Call this a classic "only in Florida" moment.

Deputies in Charlotte County found dozens of reptiles in a man and woman's possession early Monday morning during a traffic stop in Punta Gorda, NBC affiliate WBBH-TV reports.

After being stopped for running through a stop sign, the couple told deputies they were coming from collecting frogs and snakes at an underpass nearby.

When deputies asked what kind of animals they collected, the woman opened her backpack at her feet, where there were over 40 small, three-striped turtles, according to WBBH.

When asked if she had anything else, the woman pulled a foot-long alligator from her yoga pants, Charlotte County Sheriff's officials said.

The two were cited for possessing the reptiles, according to the Florida Fish Wildlife and Conservation Commission. The animals were seized and then released.

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