Florida Woman Says iPhone 6 Plus Burst Into Flames on Nightstand

A Florida woman says her iPhone burst into flames as it lay charging on her nightstand while she was sleeping nearby.

Amanda Bentz, of Palm Harbor, said she was awakened early Tuesday by bright flames shooting out of her iPhone 6 Plus, NBC affiliate WFLA reported.

"My face was so close to the phone that when it immediately went up in flames, it woke me up. I'm luckily a light sleeper," Bentz said. "It was just like a 'shhhhhh,' kind of like fireworks. It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone."

Bentz's husband Kyle used a shirt to smother the flames, WFLA reported.

"If he wouldn't have woken up right then and there, and like immediately came to and put it out, it would have caught the curtain on fire, and then the bed," she said.

Bentz said the fire singed her comforter, pillow case and curtains, and left her nightstand covered in black soot.

The phone she's had for two and half years is now a melted heap of plastic and cracked glass.

An Apple spokesman told WFLA that they are looking into the matter. Bentz said Apple is offering her a replacement phone.

Bentz says she and her husband aren’t sure about having another iPhone 6 Plus in the bedroom.

“It’s scary. It’s scary when it’s three o’clock in the morning and you’re not expecting that” she said.

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