Florida's First-Ever ‘Baby Spa' Comes to North Miami Beach

What to Know

  • Florida's first baby spa -- "Amazing Baby Spa" -- launched in North Miami Beach recently.
  • The spa provides services that are said to improve the health and well-being of the infant.
  • Vivian Keeler, a founder of the spa, said the spa can also help babies get acclimated to water and prepared for swimming.

Spa days aren’t just for adults.

Babies can now enjoy the pampering, relaxation and health benefits that come with a fully-fledged spa day, after Florida’s first baby spa service launched in North Miami Beach.

“Amazing Baby Spa” caters to infants from two weeks to six months old, according to a news release. The spa features soft lighting, relaxing music and “float tubs,” special baths said to provide infants with numerous health benefits.

Additionally, the “float tubs” get babies familiarized with water in preparation for swimming lessons, said Vivian Keeler, a chiropractic physician, doula and childbirth educator who co-founded the spa.

According to Keeler, the facility is a recent addition to the “Amazing Births and Beyond” wellness center. The idea for the spa, she said, was sparked when a pregnant client mentioned a similar concept in Australia.

“We thought it was interesting, we did some research, and we added it to our wellness center,” Keeler said, adding that the spa promotes several hydrotherapy benefits.

Hydrotherapy is a technique often seen in natural medicine that uses water to produce therapeutic effects, according to the National Institutes of Health. It’s a common practice in ancient cultures such as India, Egypt and China, the agency said.

Parents who take their babies to the spa will be trained in the art of “infant massage” by an instructor, according to a news release. The spa will provide organic grape seed oil, bamboo towels and robes for infants during the massage.

The “float tubs,” however, are the signature item of the spa service, said Trudie Jones, a doula and another co-founder of the facility. Each tub is filled with 65 gallons of filtered water, the release says, and sessions are anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the baby. 

Keeler said the water is pristine and clean, completely free of chemicals like chlorine. The tubs are made and manufactured in the United States.

The floats, created to support the baby’s head, fit loosely around the neck and support the head by the chin and occipital bones at the base of the skull, the release says.

The initial visit to the spa costs $125, Keeler said. That price covers the training for parents and a gift bag that includes items like a DVD about infant massage and swim diaper.

After the initial visit, the price is $85 for subsequent sessions. The spa also offers packages of three, six and 10 visits for a discounted price.

The spa and wellness center is located on 17184 West Dixie Highway in Miami Beach. Appointments can be booked online at www.amazingbabyspa.com.

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