Florida's Hollywood Gets Plug on “Music Voyager” Program

The show showcases the city's music, culture and diversity, the mayor says

From its sandy beach to its internationally renowned concerts, shopping and nightlife, travelers from around the world will soon be hearing of the other Hollywood they must see – Hollywood, Florida.

The city's attractions are set to be showcased on "Music Voyager," a 30-minute program that airs on public television across the country. It is also broadcast around the world in 33 different languages on over a dozen in-flight airlines and hotel programming.

"The show showcases not only the music in downtown Hollywood but also the culture, the diversity," Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober says.

Hollywood was chosen by the show after an international concert brought attention to the city. Hollywood's Community Redevelopment Agency then decided to help pay for the production of the program, spending $65,000. CRA's Program Manager Manuel Pila says "it was a bargain," explaining that it's less than what it would normally cost them "to do a 30-second commercial, plus it gets played all over the world."

The production crew spent six days capturing the best the city has to offer, from hot spots to restaurants and Young Circle – all in high definition.

The video is the latest effort to try and draw attention to Hollywood, a city that has undergone many facelifts in recent years.

Mayor Bober says there are a number of redevelopment projects happening in Hollywood right now.

"Old things coming down, making room for new things," he says.

The city recently inked the deal for the construction of a Margaritaville beginning in July. The enthusiastic mayor says "there's a lot of things happening, and I think we have the responsibility to be our own cheerleader."

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