Footage Shows BSO Deputies Rescuing Man From Burning Car

Video showing the moments Broward deputies helped to a save a man from his burning car was released Wednesday as the man got a chance to thank the officers for the first time.

The body camera video shows the victim, Robert Smith, laid out on the side of I-95 near Sample Road following the crash that happened earlier this month.

One of his rescuers, Pedro Ruiz, is seen administering medical aid. The video also shows BSO Sgt. Steven Handras on the scene. Both pulled up to Smith's car moments after he crashed and the fire was building inside.

Sgt. Handras and Ruiz teamed up, they smashed a few windows and were able to pull Smith out. He had no pulse so Ruiz started administering CPR and Smith came back to life.

On Wednesday the three met for the first time. Smith said he doesn't remember much about that night, but he was quick to credit the two men with saving his life.

"They risked their lives, they could have died alongside of me. I'm just very grateful, I believe it was God that was moving them and they had angels with them as well," he said.

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