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Footage Shows Man Having Heart Attack Inside Hospital, Staff Rushing to Help

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Surveillance video caught a South Florida man having a heart attack and collapsing inside a hospital and staff quickly coming to his aide. 

Igor Molina did not know what was happening when all of a sudden he collapsed and passed out in the lobby of Broward Health Coral Springs. 

He said things started to go wrong the morning of Jan. 29. 

“After I ate my breakfast, I started not to feel good,” he said. 

Molina said that’s when he started to feel pain in his chest and shoulders. 

“I said, that is not normal,” he recalled. “I said, I’m going to the hospital.”

He drove himself to the hospital, which is about four minutes from his home. 

He didn’t know at the time that he was having a heart attack.

Moments after he fell to the ground inside the lobby, nurses surrounded him. 

“It just so happen that that gentleman made it just in the nick of time into our premises,” said Dr. Gary Lai, Chief of Emergency Medicine at Broward Health Coral Springs. 

Dr. Lai said in those moments, every second counts. 

“We had him as a matter of minutes go into the cath lab, where he was able to have his occluded artery opened up and from there, it salvaged his heart,” he said. 

Dr. Lai said the hospital’s cardiac cath lab had just gone live days before and Molina was their first patient. 

Pointing out that that also played a role in saving Molina’s life. 

“Thank God for the good job in the hospital, I am feeling better every day,” Molina said. 

Molina said now he eats healthy food and exercises every day. 

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